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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting Down to Business

I can't believe it is 2:30 AM and I am still up working. Besides taking care of some physical therapy today, I have worked on our secretary's blog site to help her make it more professional looking today, and then I designed and printed out postcard templates and rules for our new postcard challenge, "Journey," which you can find on the Calls for Entry Page. And I have been working to update and make our own site look better until this last moment. I joined The Alzheimer's Initiative to either create a 9" x 12" (or smaller) quilt every month to help them raise money, or any month I cannot get the quilt made, I will make sure that I purchase one of the quilts for sale on their website, http://www.alzquilts.org/. Art piece shown here is one of mine.
Today when I went to the post office to pick up our mail and my own mail, I was overwhelmed by the number of nonprofit organizations sending literature to solicit funding. I wish that I could help them all, but indeed it is a daunting task. We try to do these community projects to help even if it is a small amount. Every little bit adds up.
I can't stress the importance of community enough for all of us today. I honestly believe it is the thing holding our society together, and it is getting more challenging by the day for this to happen. People have incredibly busy lives just trying to survive. Still, whatever efforts we can all make, no matter how small it seems, is a good thing. And I am very glad we have added children to the mix of those we serve as so many of the at programs are cut at schools, and there is very little exposure to art. I am so grateful that I grew up in a time when art and music were considered a very important part of one's education, and every school offered lots of opportunities for both subjects.
It's another very long day starting today and I have to get up very early, so time for this to end. I've done about as much as I can do.