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We are glad you found your way to our site. All images on this site are copyrighted, and if you want to use any of them, you need written permission from us. Enjoy our site! - Anne Copeland, Director

Community Projects

Although we are a nonprofit and support physically challenged and emerging artists, we long ago decided that we also should find ways to support other nonprofits that we felt could really use the support.
We are very much involved with green and sustainable living as fiber artists, so among the organizations that we try to help are those that support green and sustainable living. This includes places like The Nature Conservancy.  We also try to support animal rescue organizations. The way we do this is by making quilts like the Wonky Dog quilt pictured here.  This quilt was donated to A Place to Bark on the East Coast - a new rescue facility that really needed assistance.

It is good for fiber artists (and actually all artists)  to support whatever causes we can as often as we can.  This scarf, as well as the others you have seen on this site, are either scarves that I have made or that Barbara Williamson, our secretary has is in process of making.  A recent challenge,  "Enduring Earth," helped raise money for The Nature Conservancy. Our curator, Wendy Ferguson,collected all the scarves, and we a venue in Willsonville Community College, N.C. We enjoyed helping to raise awareness for this challenge in a positive way for this event. The beautiful scarf to your left is made by Barbara Williamson for the challenge.

We also encouraged children to enter pieces, and we did receive a number of scarves from them.