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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Houses, anyone?

With some people unable to ever have a home, I am very proud to be a small part of a project for Habitat for Humanity.  The organization is giving 18 families houses in Southern California homes that are also furnished and decorated. The families getting the homes each put in 500 volunteer hours after qualifying to get their homes.  It is a wonderful project and I am glad that some families are getting their own homes.

House art quilts are for Habitat for Humanity Orange County, a project coordinated by Jamie Fingal http://JamieFingalDesigns.blogspot.com/
for a 18-house neighborhood.  There are 14 artists participating in the making of the "Welcome Home" house quilts. We were asked to make quilts that were 12" x 16" and each family getting a house got to pick out colors and a style for their fantasy house that would be on our quilts. The two shown here are ones I made. This was very fun and I would love to have another project like this soon. This one was generously quilted and given its final "beauty touches" by my good friend, Jamie Fingal!  Thank you Jamie!