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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Art or Traditional

There often seems to be a line between art quilters and those making traditional quilts. I have been a certified quilt appraiser since 1993, and a quilt historian for about that long, so I tend to see it all. And truthfully, I enjoy the traditional and the antique as much as I enjoy any art quilt.
Traditional quilters are definitely welcome here at this site. We have recently done a challenge where the artists started with a traditional quilt block or quilt design and transformed it into a contemporary art quilt design. It is a beautiful exhibit and currently traveling to several venues.
If you come as a traditional quilter looking to move into making art quilts, but don't have the experience, you will find our Yahoo group a good place to learn.  We have a very friendly group and a subgroup called Fiberarts Squared. In the subgroup we are making 12" square quilts every other month, a great way to learn new techniques and to feel a good sense of accomplishment in creating whatever type of quilt fits our current theme.  Our current theme, due the first part of Febraury is called Comfort.  Hope you might join us.